Our mission is to provide affordable, secure, financially and environmentally sustainable housing for people on low incomes, primarily in the South and East of Melbourne who are committed to cooperative democracy and engagement.


The services provided by SouthEast define its reality as a housing co-op. SouthEast commits to ensuring its long term capacity to continuous improvement of all services.


Members own and control their co-op and this is the essential characteristic of SouthEast. The board represents the members best through its obligation to be representative, accountable and transparent.


SouthEast is committed to the values of cooperation, voluntary membership, democratic control, autonomy & independence, co-op education and cooperation between co-ops.

Board Job Description

1. The board is the link between the members of SEHC and the organisation. The board’s authority is  from and is accountable to the membership.

2. The role of the board is to govern SEHC so that its mission is carried out effectively whilst acting ethically and prudently and operating within the law, the Rules and agreements with Government.

Accordingly, the Board will:

(a)    Create the SEHC mission, objectives and values

(b)   Set strategic direction & values

(c)    Employ and manage the General Manager

(d)   Monitor the General Manager

(e)   Monitor and report on outcomes to members, government and other key stakeholders

(f)     Nurture a healthy organisational culture for members and staff

(g)    Engage actively & meaningfully with the membership

(h)   Set clear parameters through delegations within which the General Manager can lead and manage the organisation

(i)      Ensure that the General Manager fulfills statutory and regulatory obligations

(j)     Develop policies relating to the governance of SEHC and the role and conduct of the board

(k)    Connect with other relevant governance bodies including federal, state and local governments as well as the boards of non-government organisations where such connections further the mission of SEHC

In taking up its role the Board will:

(a)    Provide  strategic leadership by articulating a clear mission and strategic direction for SEHC rather than becoming preoccupied with administrative or operational detail

(b)   Operate on the basis of a clear distinction between the role of the board and the role of the General Manager

(c)    Commit itself to a collective decision making process  and not allow individual, committees or sub-groups to make decisions on behalf of the whole Board

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SouthEast Housing Co-operative Ltd
Plaza Business Centre, the Hub, Level 3,
26 to 36 McCrae St. Dandenong 3175

Telephone: 03 9706 8005

Fax: 03 9706 8558

PO Box 7141 Dandenong Victoria 3175


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