Our mission is to provide affordable, secure, financially and environmentally sustainable housing for people on low incomes, primarily in the South and East of Melbourne who are committed to cooperative democracy and engagement.


The services provided by SouthEast define its reality as a housing co-op. SouthEast commits to ensuring its long term capacity to continuous improvement of all services.


Members own and control their co-op and this is the essential characteristic of SouthEast. The board represents the members best through its obligation to be representative, accountable and transparent.


SouthEast is committed to the values of cooperation, voluntary membership, democratic control, autonomy & independence, co-op education and cooperation between co-ops.

Cooperativehousingaroundtheworldvol2In November 2013, ICA Housing published Volume 2 of the Profiles which extends to countries in Africa. It is published to coincide with the International Co-operative Alliance’s (ICA) General Assembly held in Cape Town. This second volume concentrates on the African continent. We are pleased to present the remarkable work achieved by the African co-operators, work accomplished in a very challenging environment. These profiles show the creativity and the dedication of the African co-operators.

There are still many other profiles to complete in Africa and around the world. This initiative, launched several years ago is a work in progress. More Profiles will come in future years.

icaglobal2A global marque for co-operatives has been unveiled by the International Co-operative Alliance.

The co-operative logo, designed by a British co-operative, has been launched at the Alliance’s Global Conference in Cape Town.

Calverts, the London-based creative co-operative, was commissioned in March by the ICA to create the common identity. Building on the momentum created by the International Year of Co-operatives and the widespread use of the logo, the ICA has led on this initiative as part of its Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade initiative.

A draft UK Co-operative Party’s policy on housing has been developed. The key actions needed that are identified in the draft include:

• Building capacity and knowledge among civil servants and local government officers.
• Legislating to create co-operative housing tenure as a distinct form of tenure in UK property and housing law.
• Enabling the creation of a financial intermediary to raise and manage institutional investment in developing co-operative and mutual housing and operate an insurance fund to reduce investment risk.

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On Monday 29 July 2013 the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) was launched at the RACV Club in Melbourne, Victoria.

The launch of BCCM follows the International Year of Co-operatives 2012.

The BCCM unites co-operatives and mutuals to promote and advance the co-operative and mutual model.

The Founding Partners of BCCM:
CBH Group
Community First Credit Union

Full membership of the BCCM is available on a 2 tiered annual subscription basis - $25,000 for a business with operating surpluses/profits of greater than $1 million and $10,000 if less than $1 million. Non-voting membership for associates is available at a cost of $1,000 per annum.

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Co-operatives in Australia - A Manual  published by the NSW Federation of Co-operatives & RDA Mid North Coast Inc, July 2013. Authors: Kay Cooper (Regional Development Consultant), Todd Green (Research and Policy Officer, Regional Development Australia - Mid North Coast) and Peter Tregilgas (Executive Officer, Regional Development Australia - Mid North Coast).

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EdinburghColonies2011 001Edinburgh's Colonies is about the formation of the Edinburgh Co-operative Building Company - 93 years of continuous history until its liquidation in 1954. The co-operative was formed in 1861 by a group of building workers determined to establish their families' independence from landlords and, instead, manage their own destinies. 

By 1881 the co-operative had built 1300 properies with 4500 residents. Eventually 2300 homes were built on 11 sites by 1914. None of the properties have been subsequently demolished. Historic Scotland has assigned listed building status to properties on two sites in Stockbridge and Dalry. While a co-operative spirit motivated the establishment of the co-operative,  its ownership was open to investors who bought stock in the co-operative - private individuals and property companies. In 1911 the owners of one-third of the properties  owned two or more properties.

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