Directors' Profiles

SouthEast Housing Cooperative is a not-for-profit organisation where members, as the key stakeholders have ultimate control over the governance of the Cooperative. Under the rules of the SouthEast’s Constitution, members entrust responsibility fo the governance of the cooperative to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors have responsibility for governance matters and to govern responsibly in accordance with Cooperative’s policies and principles. The Board must represent the interest of members and consult with members on policy changes and significant governance matters. The Board must also ensure regular reporting to the members through various communication channels.

The Board of Directors delegate responsibility for the management of operational matters to the CEO who is accountable to the Board.

Andrea Lee
Andrea Lee (Member Director and Chairperson)
Member Director and Chairperson. Governance Chairperson

Cooperative member since 8/7/2001. Board member 2005/6 and since 2010. Bachelor of Business Accounting and Management. Accountant. Seven years in Business Services.

Debbie Dioguardi
Debbie Dioguardi
Member Director and Deputy Chairperson. Member of the Risk, Audit, and Finance Committee.

Previous member Ringwood/Croydon coop for three years and participated in the policy committee.

Previous banking experience for total of six years. Certificate in book
keeping to trial balance.

ooperative member since December 2004. Managed a team for a party planning company. Active member of SouthEast Housing for over ten years. Home Schooling Supervisor

Greg Nolan
Greg Nolan
Member Director and Member of the Governance Committee.

SouthEast cooperative member since 2004, and previously a Moorabbin Rental Housing (RHC) Cooperative tenant-member since October 1989. Had two previous terms on Moorabbin RHC Steering Committee (Board) in late 1990’s and early 2000’s including once as a Vice-Chair. In the mid-90’s, Greg was on a founding committee which had the task of setting up the constitutional foundations of the Joint Housing Collective (JHC), which was the initial state-wide peak body for RHC’s in Victoria. Served for several years as Moorabbin delegate on the former JHC. The equivalent and expanded forum today is the Community Housing Industry Association (Vic), formerly the Community Housing Federation of Victoria (CHFV). Life and work experiences have been in music education, public transport, horticulture and aged and disability care as both a part-time worker and volunteer.

Gayle Koubwere
Gayle Koubwere
Member Director and Cooperative Deputy Secretary. Member of the Governance Committee and the Risk, Audit, and Finance Committee.

A SouthEast Housing Cooperative member for five years and Board member since November 2013. Previously a member of the Oakleigh Rental Housing Cooperative contributing to the Policy and Finance task groups. An
experienced administrator for over 20 years and has volunteered in Emergency Resources for 6 years as well as in Animal protection and

Shirley Faram
Shirley Faram
Member Director and member of the Governance Committee.

Over 14 years on Board. Over twelve years as SouthEast Chairperson. Four years Secretary of Frankston Council’s Good Neighbour program. Four years volunteering with the Bayside Shared Accommodation Register. Four years as Board member and worker with the Bayside Youth Housing Project. Six years as a Director for the then Cooperative Federation of Victoria (now the Community Housing Industry Association (Vic).

Steve Kropf
Steve Kropf
Non Member Director.

MBA, BBus BA, FCPA, over twenty years’ experience in senior commercial management roles including CFO, GM Finance and planning roles through a range of companies covering transport and logistics, tourism, government privatisations and pharmaceuticals. Currently owner and manager of two companies both in the service sector.

Steven Grange
Steven Grange
Non Member Director and Convenor of the Risk, Audit and Finance Committee.

Steven worked for, First Option Credit Union, a $160M credit union
with 10,000 members across Australia and his role was a Business
Development Manager.

Steven has spent thirty-five years in working for industry based credit unions. Other roles Steven has filled include: Director: Kyneton Community Cooperative from 1983 to 1987, Director/Chairman: Reservoir Fawkner Credit Cooperative from 1990 to 1997.

Industry Training: Director training via the Australian Institute Credit
Union Directors. Qualifications: Diploma in Marketing: Hawthorn Institute of Technology, 1990.