As housing in the SouthEast Housing Cooperative Ltd is offered on a long-term basis, very few vacancies are available each year.

SouthEast maintains a waiting list and when a vacancy does occur, people on the waiting list will be contacted to ensure they still meet the eligibility criteria and are committed to cooperative housing and will, then, be invited to attend a selection interview.

To be eligible for long-term housing with SouthEast, which is under

To be eligible for long-term housing with SouthEast, which is under

the Victorian Housing Register (VHR), an applicant must:

  • Meet the VHR eligibility criteria;
  • Be a citizen or have permanent residency in Australia
  • Be a resident in Victoria
  • Have no previous debt with SouthEast, the Director of Housing (DHS) or another registered housing agency that remains unpaid
  • Have not any assets or property, which would reasonably be expected to resolve their housing need
  • A person entering into a tenancy agreement must be generally 18 years or older

In addition to these requirements, to join a Cooperative you will also need to:

  • Demonstrate skills and understanding of the Cooperative model and a willingness and ability to actively participate
  • Demonstrate desire to live in the dwelling type and location offered
  • Be aware of the responsibilities of Cooperative membership including the requirements, capacity and willingness to contribute to the Cooperative, and regular attendance at General Meetings
  • Be willing to attend training and education workshops for Cooperatives

For more information you can click here to download our Eligibility and Allocation of Long- Term Housing Policy