How to Apply

SouthEast Housing Cooperative (SouthEast) provides long-term secure tenancies. As of that it is not easy to predict when a vacancy might occur.

However, SouthEast maintains a referral list and when a vacancy occurs they contact the people who meet their membership criteria, to attend an interview.

All applicants must meet the approved income and asset criteria.

To apply, follow the below steps:

  • SouthEast participates in the Victorian Housing Register Victorian Housing Register (VHR). The VHR is a common register for all applicants seeking public and community housing in Victoria. Click here for more information and application forms.
  • If you are homeless and receiving support, or you need housing urgently, you may be eligible for Priority Access. You will need a support worker to fill in an application form for you. If you do not have a support worker, please refer to our ‘Resources for Tenants’ page.
  • Make sure you comply with SouthEast’s Eligibility Policy.