Making a Complaint

SouthEast Housing Cooperative is committed to ensuring our customer service is always up to standard and we encourage all our members to provide feedback on their experiences with us.

The complaints management process ensures that any concerns you have with the services of SouthEast Housing Cooperative are taken seriously and dealt with promptly. Your concerns can help us improve our processes.

We will treat your concerns as a priority, managing your complaint with integrity and fairness, and keeping you informed while working with you towards a satisfactory resolution.

SouthEast Housing Cooperative will take all reasonable steps to resolve a complaint within 21 days. For complaints not satisfactorily resolved within 30 days, the complainant may refer the complaint to the Housing Registrar for investigation.

The complainant will be advised the Registrar can be contacted directly by telephone Department Of Treasury – (03) 7005 8984 or by email:

Please refer to our Complaints and Appeals Policy (VHR) for further information on the process.