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SouthEast has a rich history and has succeeded out of a desire to do things differently and in a way that genuinely serves communities. Below you'll find important information when applying for housing with SouthEast:
Tenant information

The Tenant Member Handbook and the Southeast Member Manual contain information primarily for members of the SouthEast Housing Cooperative. Both the Handbook and the Manual also provide general information for Cooperative tenant members.

More detailed information for SouthEast Housing Cooperative members are provided via our Cooperative Rules that can be downloaded on this page.

Please refer to the Tenant Policies below for more information on  Rules and Policies.

How to apply

SouthEast Housing Cooperative provides long-term secure tenancies. As of that, it is not easy to predict when a vacancy might occur.

All applicants must meet the approved income and asset criteria. To apply, refer below:

  • SouthEast participates in the Victorian Housing Register Victorian Housing Register (VHR). The VHR is a common register for all applicants seeking public and community housing in Victoria. Click here for more information and application forms.
  • If you are homeless and receiving support, or you need housing urgently, you may be eligible for Priority Access. You will need a support worker to fill in an application form for you. If you do not have a support worker, please refer to Tenant Resources below.
  • Make sure you comply with SouthEast’s Eligibility for Long Term Housing Policy.

As housing in SouthEast is offered on a long-term basis, very few vacancies become available each year.

To be eligible for long-term housing with SouthEast, which is under the Victorian Housing Register (VHR), an applicant must:

  • Meet the VHR eligibility criteria;
  • Be a citizen or have permanent residency in Australia
  • Be a resident in Victoria
  • Have no previous debt with SouthEast, the Director of Housing (DHS) or another registered housing agency that remains unpaid
  • Have not any assets or property, which would reasonably be expected to resolve their housing need
  • A person entering into a tenancy agreement must be generally 18 years or older

In addition to these requirements, to join a Cooperative you will also need to:

  • Demonstrate skills and understanding of the Cooperative model and a willingness and ability to actively participate
  • Demonstrate desire to live in the dwelling type and location offered
  • Be aware of the responsibilities of Cooperative membership including the requirements, capacity and willingness to contribute to the Cooperative, and regular attendance at General Meetings
  • Be willing to attend training and education workshops for Cooperatives

For more information you can click here to download our Eligibility for Long Term Housing Policy and Allocation of Long Term Housing Policy

Making a complaint

SouthEast Housing Cooperative is committed to ensuring our customer service is always up to standard and we encourage all our members to provide feedback on their experiences with us.

The complaints management process ensures that any concerns you have with the services of SouthEast Housing Cooperative are taken seriously and dealt with promptly. Your concerns can help us improve our processes.

We will treat your concerns as a priority, managing your complaint with integrity and fairness, and keeping you informed while working with you towards a satisfactory resolution.

SouthEast Housing Cooperative will take all reasonable steps to resolve a complaint within 21 days. For complaints not satisfactorily resolved within 30 days, the complainant may refer the complaint to the Housing Registrar for investigation.

The complainant will be advised the Registrar can be contacted directly by telephone Department Of Treasury – (03) 7005 8984 or by email: information@dtf.vic.gov.au.

Please refer to our Complaints and Appeals Policy (VHR) for further information on the process.

Repairs & Maintenance

SouthEast is responsible for maintaining its own properties as well as for the non‐structural repairs and asset management of properties managed for DFFH. All maintenance and asset works are performed meeting Residential Tenancies Act and DFFH requirements as a minimum.

Members are responsible for maintaining their house in a clean and dry condition as defined in the Residential Tenancies Act 1997.

How to Report a Maintenance Issue

If you have a repair or maintenance problem, please report it to your cooperative maintenance contact person. You can do this by emailing Sandy Campbell, the SouthEast Asset Coordinator: sandy@sehc.org.au  or call 0429 558 826 during office hours, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

For Urgent and Emergency Repairs

Emergency maintenance is defined as an urgent repair that is a threat to your health and safety and is usually related to gas, electricity or water.

Urgent repairs will be attended to within 24 hours and important repairs within 2-3 working days where possible. We aim to fix the problem as soon as possible and often quicker than these timeframes.

For urgent and emergency repairs and maintenance items that occur after 5 pm weekdays or on weekends, or on Victorian Public Holidays, please call.


1800 088 106
Tenant Resources

Below is an important list of resources regularly updated by SouthEast to ensure our members are properly linked to community services and resources.

Housing Victoria

Provides information about housing and housing assistance in Victoria. Website


Housing Registrar Victoria

Protects social housing assets and ensures quality services to tenants by regulating rental housing agencies. Website or +61 3 9651 1402


Safe Steps

Family Violence Response Centre. Open 24/7. Website or 13 11 14 (Life Line) or 1800 627 727 (Toll Free)



Assisting individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to improve their life circumstances by providing access to stable, affordable and safe accommodation. Information, referral and support services are provided free of charge. Website or +61 3 9791 6111


Hanover (24/7 Service)

Provides a range of services to Victorians experiencing housing crisis or homelessness. If you are experiencing homelessness, are at risk of losing your home or you need to escape family violence all 1800 825 955 (FREE Call Number). Website or 1800 825 955 (Toll Free)



Can we help?

Our mission is to provide affordable, secure, financially, and environmentally sustainable housing for people on low incomes, primarily in the South and East of Melbourne, who are committed to cooperative democracy and engagement.

We’re here to offer support

At SouthEast we believe that accessible, affordable and appropriate housing is not only important for the safety and security of individuals and families, it also forms part of the foundation on which we build strong sustainable communities.

Voluntary & open membership

Discover the heart of who we are as we create a vibrant community-driven force, empowering all to shape our shared future together.

Autonomy & Independence

This is what drives us to excel as Victoria’s leading community housing provider, offering our members stability, trust, and working towards a brighter future.

Democratic member control

This is our compass ensuring every voice shapes our decisions, and builds trust amongst members and the co-operative.

Member economic participation

Your investment fuels our success, creating a prosperous future for all. Join us in shaping a better tomorrow!

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